Squash is an international racquet sport played in a court with four walls. Lancaster is home to many avid squash players. Franklin & Marshall College is ranked #8 for Men’s Squash and #16 for Women’s Squash in the country. F&M attracts players from all over the world. Although this is a world-wide sport, not many people actually know about the game. Squash is a short documentary film that will provide an insider look into the game and passion behind some of the players.

Why this film?

Although we have heard of Squash before, we never knew about any details of the game. After connecting with a Squash expert and professor at F&M, we quickly learned about the passion, intensity, and health benefits associated with the game. Squash requires high levels of endurance and we thought it would be interesting to shed light on a lesser known exciting sport.

What is is about?

This film will focus on the international game that has attracted numerous players to Lancaster. We plan to capture the competition and passion of the players through interviews with some Squash team members from F&M. The film will also focus on the values and purposes of the game.

Who is involved?

A Squash expert from F&M will speak in the film. We will also interview and film players from various age groups (college-level, children, and adults).

Bio of Producer Interest in this Story

Elyse Brown, Ryan Thomas, and Devin Rowe are Lancaster locals who have always been interested in learning about Squash. After initially speaking with their sources they began to share the enthusiasm. Producing this film is the perfect opportunity for them to learn about the sport and to inform others who are unfamiliar with the game.

Target Audience

The film will focus on the Squash team at F&M, which localizes the audience to Lancaster citizens. Squash is an international sport, however, that interests people world-wide. While the target audience will be players and fans of squash, it will also include those who are unaware of the game and its’ history.


This film will be distributed in Lancaster at Millersville University and F&M. It is also possible that the complete film will be available on YouTube.

Potential Budget

The producers will use the production and editing equipment available to them at Millersville University to complete the film.

Potential Timeline

April 6: Meet-up with contact, film interviews, obtain B-roll footage, set up additional interview schedule

April 7: Capture B-roll footage

Week of April 9: Log footage, film interviews

April 19: Rough Cut Due

May 3: Final Cut


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